EZ Boxes feature export-certified, ISPM 15 standards. Our boxes constructed with true SYP heavy duty skids. Most of our competitor's boxes do not even come with a skid, and the ones that do are simply run-of-the-mill, expendable pallets.

EZ Boxes utilize 1/2" thick OSB walls and lids framed with SYP lumber. Our competition uses only 1/4" thick walls with zero framing. EZ Boxes ship flat and can be stacked to maximize storage space when not in-use. When used with any variety of removable fasteners, we have seen our EZ Boxes used more than 20 times over. The competition uses tabs made of stamped tin which weaken with every use and eventually fracture, rendering the box useless.

Our competitor's boxes require one to line-up and bend over 32 tabs which can take up valuable time and employee man hours. When EZ Boxes are nailed together, they can be fully assembled in under two minutes, and when fastened together with lags or screws, under four minutes.

EZ Boxes not only benefit from much better construction and higher grade materials, but they are also priced well under our competitor's box prices at any quantity! Refer to our price chart to see how EZ Boxes stack up against the competition.

Custom Designed EZ Boxes can also be built to suit your equipment needs. For more information on custom EZ Box sizes and pricing Contact Us.

  • Very heavy duty  =  high load and stacking weight ratings
  • Export Certified
  • ISPM 15 Compliant
  • Strong SYP skid and framing
  • 1/2" thick wall and lid sheathing
  • Assembles in minutes
  • Ships flat and stacks for efficient storage
  • Cost savings that are easy to see